My Writing Vacation In Scotland

A friend of mine in the restaurant industry says he has this unfounded fear: “When I unlock the doors, I am terrified that no one is going to show.” This will never happen to him, I am quite sure.

I understand that momentary, almost paralyzing fear, however. For me, it’s a fear I have about writing. What if I never have another story to tell? What if I sit down at my computer and I cannot type a single word? What if my style spirals downward into stale and lifeless prose that is both mundane and completely uninteresting? What if I’m just too damn tired to pound out another syllable?

My friend’s restaurant will always have guests. But every fear I outlined about writing has played out for me–more than once or twice. It is the nature of that creative beast, I suppose.

Thus, when Kim Ayres asked me to guest post on his site to “return the favour,” I almost choked. And I stalled for a month, hoping he’d forget he ever asked. He didn’t, which left me to wonder, “What the hell do I write about for Kim’s site and his readers?”

But the theme of “firsts” came to mind, as Kim and El Guapo had crafted for guest posts on my site. Which led me to remember the first time my writing was recognized as something beyond a classroom assignment–way, way back when I was a scrawny kid in elementary school.

Kim’s “assignment” turned out to be a great trip down my personal Memory Lane, and a way to belatedly recognize those who inspire us. Check out “First Writes.”

And thank you Kim, for allowing me to write something out of my own realm, and to share a story with you and yours.

–The Gal






9 responses to “My Writing Vacation In Scotland”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Thank you, RG, for creating a post for my blog.
    Personally, I think the only thing that causes us to dry up is the fear itself. when we can push that away, the writing flows again.

  2. michelle Avatar

    I discovered you site a month ago and have spent that month reading all the posts from the beginning until I just finished this one today. Wonderful writing and great stories. I will keep this one in my list of favorites.

  3. michelle Avatar

    I discovered your site a month ago and have spent that month reading all the posts from the beginning until I just finished this one today. Wonderful writing and great stories. I will keep this one in my list of favorites.

  4. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    What I posted over at Kim’s site:
    Two of my favorite bloggers in one place! What’s a Brave Astronaut to do?

    Kim, it was because of RG that I discovered you and found a kindred spirit across the pond.

    With RG, I found someone close by who speaks volumes about the things I think about, and does it far better than I.

    Now to know that she and I are both writers (again with the knowledge that she does it much better than me) makes my daily “blog touring” that much more fun.

    But don’t think we are letting you off the hook for a blog entry. It’s Memorial Day weekend over here, so there better be something memorable from you. I need something to do whilst I sit in traffic this weekend.


    What I offer to you is of course my continued awe in your writing abilities. When I started my blog, it was presumably an outlet for me to hone my own writing skills. Who knew that it would work so well in that I would learn from you and others?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Ms Ellisa Avatar

    If you have the ability to find magic hidden behind little stories of life, then you will always have sth to write about. Ever notice how some people can tell the story of their day and make something ordinary sound very interestong and unique?

  6. Pat Avatar

    Hi RG! Just over from Kim’s. We all have that fear of dryng up and it happens from time to time. I find ironing – any mindless household task or going for a walk helps.
    Your post was enjoyable to read. Well done!

  7. EG (Scotland) Avatar

    Hi – I popped over from Kim Ayres’ site after seeing your guest post there. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed that. I really like your style of writing.


  8. Eryl Shields Avatar

    Hello, loved your post on Kim’s site and just read about your shrimp order here, cripes I don’t know how you do it! And you’re writing is great. Thanks.

  9. Heidi Avatar

    Hey! I hear ya – whenever I’m nearing the end of a story I’m suddenly struck by those same types of thoughts. What if no one reads it? What if it’s no good? Etc.
    I agree with what Kim said, “the only thing that can make us dry up is the fear itself”.

    Your an awesome writer! Keep up the great work 🙂