Thanks to My Across-the-Pond Pals

When I receive notice of a ping back, I brace myself. Most times, I delete these odd ping backs from my blog’s comments because I don’t want to promote someone’s scented candle business–and such….

This morning however, I found an interesting site called “Post of the Week” linked to my post about finding my father. My post, as it turns out, was nominated by the community of readers who are active on “Post of the Week,” and it apparently made the short list of possible winners for this week.

I poked around the site and found out it’s primarily comprised of Brits, it’s just for fun, and that I shouldn’t be surprised if the judging takes a decidedly “British” slant. Fair enough. I am happy and surprised to have been noticed enough to be nominated, much less make the short list.

Here’s a link to the site. Enjoy some good reading.

Post of the Week






5 responses to “Thanks to My Across-the-Pond Pals”

  1. Former Hostess Avatar
    Former Hostess

    That’s AWESOME, RG! You deserve to win!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Good luck Gal! I’m surprised you haven’t won more awards!

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Former Hostess–Welcome back! Haven’t heard from you in a while.

    Lisa–Thank you. Truth be told, I have never been nominated for, much less won, any awards until the past two weeks: this nice one from the Brits and a couple of tags from other great bloggers for a Thinking Blog award. I still have to figure out what I am supposed to do next with those!

  4. Desert Flutie Avatar

    Congratulations! Your writing is very good and you deserve the nomination. Good luck!

  5. patita Avatar

    Post of the Week is a fun little concept that is sustained by a desire to read good writing. To be nominated means that someone read your piece and thought, “That’s good!”

    Anyone can nominate a post, too. Just leave a comment with the URL, no further commitment. I’d like to see more diversity in the blogs getting nominated (we all tend to read the same stuff it seems). As a member of the judging team, I’ve got a personal interest 🙂