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If you missed the Friday night fun and want to hear a replay, go to:

The show is archived and you can hear it all.

Thanks again, Aaron. –The Gal

On a very bleak day at my previous fine-dining job, I received a comment on my blog from Aaron Delay. I commented back that his thoughts were very timely (and I applauded his taste in music, since he also likes Hal Ketchum’s version of the greatest work-is-done song ever, “Five O’Clock World”).

Turns out, Aaron does a radio show on blog radio called The Ride, and I have accepted his invitation to yammer on about the crazy restaurant biz tomorrow night.

So, if you find yourself in between shopping sprees and holiday parties–or, in my case, finishing dinner and a glass of wine or two with Mr. Restaurant Gal after a long first week on the new job–tune in at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (9:00 pm CT, 8:00 pm MT and 7:00 pm PT), Friday, Dec. 8.

The direct link to the show is:

The link to Aaron’s web site is:

To call in and chat during the show, the number is: (646) 915-9591.

“Talk” to you tomorrow.






6 responses to “Radio Gal”

  1. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    This is gonna be radtastic. Or a disaster..:) Looking forward to talking to the Gal! Woot! Thanks for the chance to interview you and talk with you!

  2. shakennotstirred Avatar

    Cool! Now if I can just remember to tune in. Probably should put a sticky note on my monitor.

  3. j Avatar

    hey neat I might just be online to hear the infamous RG 🙂

  4. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    Thanks to restaurant gal for allowing the insane Aaron to interview! I am in your debt..:) You ROCKED!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a one heckuva New Year!

  5. Kim Ayres Avatar

    That was excellent! I was only going to listen to 5 minutes, but the full hour took me 🙂

  6. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    Glad you gotta kick outta it Kim! Hopefully we can do more with the Gal. Thanks for listening!