Kissing Babies

The babies were back.

They wore hats with reindeer antlers pointing crazily in every direction.

They wore hats that were knitted to resemble, in exact detail, a strawberry, an acorn, and an orange.

They wore hats with long braids hanging down, jingle-bell accents optional.

They wore hats that covered 95 percent of their faces.

Babies make you smile when the menus run out. Babies make you smile when seaters are slow. Babies make you smile when 90 percent of a staff is on a learning curve.

Babies make you take yourself so much less seriously.

I had no idea how much I missed seeing babies in a restaurant.

Until today, when I wanted to kiss them all–as each baby smiled at me.






6 responses to “Kissing Babies”

  1. red Avatar

    Just yesterday I was in a terrible mood after driving home in traffic. When I walked in the door and my 22 month-old said, “Hi Mommy!” everything bad magically melted away.
    The power of small children is amazing.

  2. Julie Avatar

    When I worked in the office, we would have “baby breaks.” Anytime anyone would bring in a child under 3, all work in the vicinity of that child would cease. The grown-ups would gather around and see if it was their “turn” to hold the infant or if they had some enticing toys on the desk for a two-year-old.

    Since I work at home now (and a couple thousand miles away), it’s one of the things I miss.

  3. sueybear Avatar

    Yay for babies! Hope you’re enjoying the new job, RG

  4. jdhx3 Avatar

    Many moons ago I learned that there are very few bad days that can’t get just a little bit better with a toddler and some bubble wrap. Watching my baby Cousin run across the bubble wrap squealing and waving her arms became the best antidote to a bad day that I’ve ever found. I swear the little squirt started to look forward to my bad days when I would come over and bring “bubble paper”.

  5. jali Avatar

    What a sweet post.

    I love it!