Time Out

In the past four months, I have spent very little time doing little else than work. I saw Restaurant Gal Daughter during Parents Weekend in October, which was great. Other than that, when friends and family came to town, they had to come to the restaurant to see me and I them.

Mr. Restaurant Gal and I basically saw each other on Sundays, my one day off. Now, it’s, “Hi honey, I’m home!” Yeah, some adjustment time may be ahead.

Restaurant Gal Son is anxious for me to meet his girlfriend, see his new apartment–all things that have developed in his life since September. We shipped him home to us in October because I missed him so much, and he and Mr. Restaurant Gal drank beer together at the restaurant bar while I worked. I am not sure what this says about our parenting, but it was so good to have him nearby, even just for that evening.

Now that I am “between opportunities,” I plan to take time to get out of town, maybe visit my 96-year-old grandmother who still lives independently on her own out West, or catch up with my Texas family, even see my best sister-friend in Montana.

Okay, odds are, I only make it to Ohio to see Restaurant Gal Son over a weekend. Right now, that sounds as good as an extended vacation on a tropical island.

Meanwhile, the resume is polished, the references refreshed, and all that’s left is to hit the pavement.

Fine dining? Not so sure.

Upscale casual? Maybe.

Neighborhood pub/eatery? So appealing.

We’ll see.

I’ll continue to chronicle the details that seem interesting and share the stories that move me–be they happy, sad, stupid, or hilarious. I still won’t name names, regardless of how many think they already know mine. Because this blog never has been or will be about the names. Its point has never been about any one place or a particular city.

And so, on my first real day off in way too long without a fatigue hangover, I walked for hours and visited the zoo with Restaurant Gal Daughter, spent real time with Restaurant Gal Son, hugged Mr. Restaurant Gal, and can’t wait to sit down with my family for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!






7 responses to “Time Out”

  1. Yvonne Avatar

    It is well deserved time off…you need it, your kids need it, Mr. RG needs it and most importantly, you deserve it!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. m Avatar

    I’ve got to tell you, RG, that those in-between times for me have been some of the most productive and rewarding times of my life. I know you have loved your work, and have been deeply challenged by this recent journey.

    I trust that during this transition time, you will restore your energy, recenter your focus, and renew your spirit.

    Grace and good wishes to you and yours as you continue on this path.

  3. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    RG, I hope all ends up well. My prayers, hopes and whatever else I can send your way. I hope your thanksgiving was awesome with your family. Keep the faith. You’ve got random people all over the world quietly and loudly pulling for you in whatever you end up doing.

    At 24 I’m considering leaving my industry to return home to do what I want to do and get back into school. Starting over is a wonderful thing sometimes.

    Here’s lookin’ at you kid…:)

  4. Natalie Avatar

    There are certainly some very nice things about being between jobs–having time with your family is #1 in my book. Have fun and enjoy your time while you can. I’m sure you’ll find something else good.

  5. Jenni Avatar

    all in all, it sounds like you’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and lots of adventure ahead!
    wishing you well, and looking forward to whatever amuses you and inspires your posts,

  6. Junior Avatar

    go get ’em, gal…

  7. mozaix Avatar

    seems like a promising new adventure, for u and for us readers.

    best wishes to you gal!