Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Saturday Night Fun

At 10:22 p.m., the woman at table 421 bared her breast.

She was attempting to not-so-covertly show her friends her “done” breasts by spreading apart the cloth covering said breasts, when one of them simply and completely popped out.

I’d love to regale everyone with a tale of debauchery and shock, but by 10:22 p.m. on a Saturday night, those of us working didn’t blink even once when the breast was bared.

Okay, maybe once. But honestly, we were more concerned about whether the table’s dessert order had been fired, so they’d get the hell out.

“Oh yeah, them,” was one server’s response.

“That figures,” commented another as she hustled to clear an adjacent table.

No one except staff had actually seen the bare breast. Which begs the question: If a breast is bared in the middle of a restaurant dining room, and only the staff sees it, is it really comparable to a true Janet Jackson moment?

Which begs the response: What breast?

More of the good, the bad, and the ugly from Saturday night:

* An uncomfortable walk-in couple who took a lot of convincing that their jeans were totally appropriate attire and they should absolutely have dinner with us. (Hell, you can expose your breasts in this place and we don’t care!)

* The four-top with an attitude who were lulled into cracking one smile between them when they realized their booth was actually fine, their server was cool, and I–the one who dripped ice water on the table cloth and the arm of one guest–was just some awkward manager helping out the bussers. (And if they’d just looked around more instead of frowning at each other, they would have seen the breast!)

* The bizarre couple who seemed to know chemicals better than food–geez, just say no, at least before going out to dinner. It’ll make it easier to find your table again each time you go out front to smoke a cigarette. (Not sure they would have seen the breast, even if they’d been seated at the same table!)

* The six-top who tried every scam in the book to get something comped, snuck in their own booze, pretended we had spilled something on a coat, and were generally awful. (Yeah, that’s right, you missed seeing the breast because you were too busy cooking up your next money-laundering scheme!)

* The solo doctor in town for a convention, who said more than twice over three courses that he really missed his kids, but the food was excellent. I invited him back for lunch, since he’s here until Wednesday. (He left before the breast appeared, but I don’t think he would have cared, either. He’s a doctor, after all!)

And cheers to my only Saturday night host, who pushed through feeling horrible and then worried I would be left in a lurch when I insisted she leave early. “Did you see that? Did I just see that?” she asked, incredulous, when the breast popped out for all to view.

To which I could only reply, “What breast?”

Let next week’s games begin.






6 responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Saturday Night Fun”

  1. briliantdonkey Avatar

    sounds like an interesting night to say the least.

    Probably a good thing not too many saw it, could have caused all kinds of mishaps….

    “whats that ma’am? Our desserts? oh yes they are the Breast! errrrrr best!”

    “the breastroom? ahemmmmm the RESTroom is around the corner on the left.”

    “is everything okay? you have barely nippled on your veal,,,,,,NIBBLED! Nibbled!”


  2. marie Avatar

    I can see you’re keeping abreast of things 🙂

  3. Kevin Avatar

    With a daughter in your industry, I have been astonished at the frequency with which guests attempt to get at least something comped. And the tricks they use to do it! Oy vey.

  4. LB Avatar

    Wow, it sounds like that was the breast of times and the worst of times!

  5. Erin Avatar

    Do you read Buon Appetito? So funny the same subject (kind of) is happening in both restaurants! http://seatmytable.blogspot.com

  6. Former Hostess Avatar
    Former Hostess

    That is too funny! I have some naked friends i could bring by so the lady might feel more at home…although i think she was fine on her own.