When the Worst Becomes the Best

I am not going to lie. Today positively, absolutely, 100 percent…could have been a hell of a lot better.

No, it wasn’t the half-baked, almost-but-not-quite-good review online that cursed the day.

No, it wasn’t the reserved happy hour gone crazy that made me crazy.

No, it wasn’t spending hours fixing the reserved happy hour’s bill in our horrible POS system that made it the worst.

Because when the worst happens, and it’s followed by the best, it erases the worst. Or, at least makes it palatable.

Here’s the best that happened:

*The reserved happy hour folks actually had a great time, despite their messed up bill. And we fixed that so everyone was happy again.

*Although I had a very tough time with the acting GM and Chef over the messed up happy hour bill, we were actually fine by the end of the whole thing, being ever the professionals, as it were–as we are.

*I gained even more respect for Chef today.

*Although I worked a true double, I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow to make it work for Chef–because he is a talent so far beyond what one reviewer saw on one night. And I think that reviewer knows it, too.

*One of my favorite songwriter/singers–Acoustic Son–commented on my blog (See Maybe This Time).

*Mr. Restaurant Gal called my cell wondering why I was so late coming home.

I am not going to lie. I was chagrined, touched, and brought back home when Mr. Restaurant Gal called me at 1 a.m. to find out where the heck I was.

Blame it on the happy hour people. Blame it on the review. Blame it on my crazy schedule–for months on end.

I simply forgot to call Mr. Restaurant Gal as the hour grew late and I was still embroiled in work.

My day in brief:

Chef is the best. Acoustic Son is awesome. And Mr. Restaurant Gal is the love of my life.

These are the people that make the worst the best.






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  1. thy Avatar

    aww. yay for positivity! : D