Hot Lunch

“You all are open? For lunch?”

We only just started our lunch service two weeks ago.

“Yes, this is our second full week,” I told the couple. “Would you like to see a menu?”

And for the first and what wouldn’t be the last time today, I coaxed guests into accepting our menu concept and taking a table. No one has left wishing they hadn’t dined with us.

“They’re all so serious,” observed our daytime host. “Everyone is so much more relaxed at dinner.”

Um, yeah. Weekday lunch in these parts is all about business. Dinner is all about fun and glamour and romance.

I love the later, but for reasons that make me smile, I get the business crowd so much better.

At lunch you have to wear your professional face, dress in suits and not-too-revealing tops, wear shoes this side of functional more than stylish, and keep it all at eye level.

Lunch is when the deal is first dealt, when coworkers first bond with the boss, and when those previously known to each other only via Blackberry or cell phone first glimpse each other in person over iced tea.

Lunch is when jobs are won and lost, turning points in careers occur, and alliances between colleagues are forged.

I love lunch. I’ve missed lunch.

Because I love watching lunch unfold–from my side of the dining room.






2 responses to “Hot Lunch”

  1. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    I love people watching. Airports are awesome for this. But the next best place is restaurants. Here in Quezon City there’s a TGI Fridays that’s attached to a hotel and every time I go there there’s always someone to watch and enjoy.

  2. Natalie Avatar

    Yay for lunch!!