Maybe This Time

When all hell is breaking loose around you, sometimes you just need to go home.

Last week, I went back to my old restaurant and hugged one of my favorite downstairs bartenders until I couldn’t hug him any harder. I didn’t tell him what was in store for me. I just told him times were tough at the new job.

He already knew. Everything.

Welcome to my so-called big city–Mayberry–where everyone knows everything before I do.

I hugged my former counterpart, too, and he asked why I didn’t just come back to work there.

“No,” I smiled coyly. “But I sure do miss you, and I think about you so much!”

“Let’s go out sometime soon,” he smiled. “We’ll go drinking and do the drunken swirl.”

Ha! I just might take him up on that.

In the end, though, I had to make a decision.

Chef asked me to stay on as private event coordinator, reservationist and lunch lady. He doesn’t see me so much as a true floor manager at this point. It’s okay. I’ll let that pass, for now.

But the question still looms, who will become GM? I don’t know. Maybe the coworker, maybe not. Who will come on staff as another assistant manager? Don’t know.

Here are the knowns:

* Chef respects my abilities in the private events arena and in old-school guest relations. I was happy to hear him say this.

* I still say this restaurant has the potential to be as well known in the restaurant world as one of the top-ten nationally. Chef is just that good.

* I would be crazy to leave him now, when things are evolving.

* Professionally, Chef has offered me the track I want to be on.

And I accepted his offer.

I booked one definite and three tentative private events today. The Restaurant Gods must have been smiling on my decision to stay.

As always, anything can happen. But I am willing to hang in there right now, and give it my absolute all.

I’ve been here before, but I know that there’s something more.
And maybe this time’s the time I’ll get it right.
And maybe this time I’ll see the other side.
–Acoustic Son






11 responses to “Maybe This Time”

  1. David Avatar

    So can we assume that the GMs “personal problems” are forcing him out of the picture? Haven’t yet seen a post about this…
    Isn’t that more than a litlle bit of a red-flag for an upscale restaurant that’s been open a month? Good luck – I think you may need it. Very rapid management turnover is warning sign number one of a restaurant that is going to fail.
    hang in there. It’s going to get brutal, methinks.

  2. Natalie Avatar

    I like that you’re sounding more upbeat.

  3. Chag Avatar

    So what ended up happening with the GM?


  4. LB Avatar

    I’m glad that Chef offered you something that you wanted – and that you took the leap and accepted. I really hope that hanging in there ends up working for you and that this place will realize how lucky they are to have you.

  5. Ashlee Avatar

    Sorry if I am not understanding correctly, but were you promoted to even planner? Or demoted from management? Sorry – I love your posts and have read every single one – just a bit confused.. thanks!


  6. Mary Dee Avatar
    Mary Dee

    This may be trite, but as one door is closing, another one is opening and, frankly, you can (unless you’re locked in) expand the event planning by free-lancing. Good luck to you — maybe we’ll see you on Recipe For Success soon 🙂

  7. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Ashlee–Not sure. But it doesn’t matter. I am now able to focus on what I do best–keeping the lunch bunch happy and selling our beautiful restaurant and incredible cuisne to those looking for a private dining experience. As of right now, I am still one of the assistant managers as well as the private events coordinator.

  8. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Chag, David, and everyone else wondering about my former GM–He has resurfaced and no longer works at the restaurant. He and we have moved on.

  9. Ashlee Avatar

    Wow, so he just left? No notice? Very professional!

  10. Kfarmer Avatar

    I can’t say I understand all what’s going on, but I wish you well in everything you do. Perhaps a swirl would not totally be out of the question at this point : )

  11. Ken Avatar

    that’s my song in the reference. Nice to know folks are listening.
    Acoustic Son (Ken)