Do Worker Bees Have More Fun?

Somebody help me here. In the end, who’s happier?

Management: Long hours, longer weeks, much weight on one’s shoulders.

Worker Bee: Fewer hours, stricter schedule, shoulders know no weight.

Management: Those above you question your ability to manage. Those below you question your ability to manage.

Worker Bee: You can bitch all you want about management. It does no good–but it feels so good!

Management: You make more money.

Worker Bee: You make some money.

Management: Health insurance.

Worker Bee: Cobra or catastrophic coverage only–on your dime.

Management: Monthly parking pass.

Worker Bee: Public transportation and plenty of time to walk to or from work.

Management: Answer to many.

Worker Bee: Answer to the MOD and you’re good as long as you show up on time and ready for your shift.

Management: You get to wear the cool styles, nice suits, pretty shoes.

Worker Bee: You have a reasonable dry cleaning bill.

Management: You figure you can always get a job being a worker bee again.

Worker Bee: Um, you don’t fit in anymore. Give it up.






7 responses to “Do Worker Bees Have More Fun?”

  1. Fiona Avatar

    Hi Restaurant Gal. I’ve been a long time reader and lurker on your blog. It seemed like you’re feeling a little out of sorts lately so I thought I would get off my metaphorical butt and write and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Stay strong, keep believing and most importantly, deep breathe until the annoying people go away. Keep up the writing – love it.

  2. Fiona Avatar

    p.s it’s about the people, not your position in the hive.

  3. jali Avatar

    It’ll be more fun next week!

  4. Rev Smokin Steve Avatar

    I’m going through that kind of stuff too.

    I’m management, but in many ways I still feel like a worker bee.

  5. yesterdays child Avatar
    yesterdays child

    Okay. I gotta ask you this. I would love to read your blog but I’m telling you the type is so light in color and small in size there is NO WAY I can read this thing!! Can you change it somehow?

  6. Soulcat Avatar

    As a food server for many years and an hourly manager,aka Coordinator, for several, my opinion is that mgmt takes more s**t from more people. As a server, I just had to make my customers happy, but in mgmt, I have to please the customers, the employees (who IMHO act way too entitled these days), and those in higher positions in our corporation. Of course the fact that our only two salaried managers have left our restaurant within three months adds just a wee bit to the stress. Now the other Coordinator and I are dealing with all of the above plus management from other stores filling in and our realizing even more than we had, that our former GM and Asst. did as little as possible to get by. Oh yeah, and the corporation is a dinosaur, so we’re not sure of the long term picture. When it gets really bad, I try to think of it as a learning experience. I didn’t directly answer your question, but I bet you can guess my answer.

  7. Jenni Avatar

    I think I like Fiona’s response… it’s all about the people.

    Hopefully, in time, things will smooth out a little better.. there are always bumps in the road, the grass is always greener..


    but seriously, You are the queen bee, RG, and the queen bee’s knees at that 😉