Are the Stars Out Tonight?

Yes, on a Monday, of all nights.

First there was the food critic–not a foodie posting on a blog–they’ve been coming in since day one. No, this one is an actual widely read restaurant critic. We kind of figured he’d be in this week, since we’ve been open almost a month. And as we all studiously pretended he didn’t know we knew he was in the house, he got the same professional service as the other celebs who came in tonight.

There was Mr. Lee, who is really only famous to us. He was the first guest to call and make a reservation; he was the first paying guest seated at precisely 5:30 p.m. on the day we opened; and he has returned with friends and a significant other three additional times. Tonight, he brought the women in his family–assorted aunts, a grandmother, and his mother. He was quiet, as always, yet he actually smiled and perked up a bit when I greeted him and promised to take care of the room-temp bottle of mediocre champagne he brought in for us to chill in an ice-water bath. Of course we waived the corkage fee! You had to ask?

A couple of chef-owners of other area restaurants popped in, greeting one another across the dining room, surprised to see each other there. I am guessing they all had Monday off and decided to find out what the fuss was about.

A well-known, retired politician dined with us, the reservation hardly hidden under his son’s name.

I waited for a couple of singer-songwriter stars to appear under an alias or two, because they are both in town for concerts. Alas, no show, at least tonight.

And that should have put the “fun” back into Fun.

And it kind of did.

A payroll issue still looms, however. Several servers got all on my case about their schedules. I still flinch when any of the chefs asks to speak to me “about something.” What did I f– up now, I wonder.

As I considered my role on this day of star gazing, I decided I am a hybrid. Half manager, half something else. Half boss-like supervisor, half someone else.

Where is that pesky Restaurant Gal, anyway? She always knew exactly who she was and what she did best.

She always knew if it was cloudy or bright.






5 responses to “Are the Stars Out Tonight?”

  1. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    You’re flying me out to work with you guys?

    Oh, you are too kind!…:)

  2. LB Avatar

    I feel like a broken record, but hang in there! I really do see relief in your near future.

    Hope you had a FANTASTIC birthday!

  3. Mary Dee Avatar
    Mary Dee


    A payroll issue still looms, however.

    The only *serious* payroll issues are 1) inability to pay (the worst) and 2) inability to pay in the legally mandated time (not good, but not as bad).

    Several servers got all on my case about their schedules.

    Scheduling is more of a personnel issue; unless you are frequently making schedules out on a last-minute basis — i.e., only 24-48 hours *notice* (not good, because your staff does need to be able to do some things on their own time), I don’t know what they are worried about.

    I still flinch when any of the chefs asks to speak to me “about something.” What did I f– up now, I wonder.

    Don’t assume you messed up — they may have messed up 🙂 Sometimes I get e-mails from someone at work and my first response is “oh, s**t, what now?” and it gives me great pleasure to give it to the person when they are in the wrong (friend of mine has done it to the person too). I had a call today from someone who dealt with that person and I laughed when he said the person was “not at all helpful”. There are just some people who are anal-retentive and want to find fault with anyone else other than themselves.

    You’re in a flipping learning curve! Just kinda grit your teeth, smile and have a beer/wine/lemon drop when you get home.

    Continued good luck to you!

  4. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Aaron–Very funny. Um, you shouldn’t quit your day job.

    LB–Relief is in my future, but just what and how remains a question mark. Yes, my birthday was the best, thanks to RGD!

    Mary Dee–Wow, many thoughtful comments. The first two don’t matter so much. I get that, because we’re on top of both. The last one, alas, is not as positive to spin as you think. It is ALWAYS about what I didn’t do, half did, forgot to do–imagined or real. Sometimes, later in the day, I receive an apology for these “lectures” gone over the edge. Sometimes, later in the day, I find it hard to breathe, as a result.

  5. kfamer Avatar

    First off I want to say I really enjoyed reading your blog-

    Secondly, any time of change brings a little confusion, it will pass. I wish you the best of luck with your new wonderful job (s) : )