Quietly Taking a Few Days Off

Two things: Parents’ Weekend. My birthday.

Much more excited about the first than the second. But how cool that I am off for the first time in too many years to see my baby (Restaurant Gal Daughter) on my actual birthday.

Can’t wait to get on the plane to Colorado and feel cramped amongst the hordes. Why? Because I will be sitting, zoning out, not caring!

Can’t wait to see Restaurant Gal Daughter and hug her and hug her until she’s embarrassed.

Can’t wait to have a little distance from the chaos also known as work.

And thanks again, David of the previous post’s comments, for being so straightforward and helping me clarify in my own mind, what’s up. I swear–it’s not about clearing or running!

I return Sunday night.






8 responses to “Quietly Taking a Few Days Off”

  1. caramaena Avatar

    have a happy birthday and lovely visit with RGD.

  2. shakennotstirred Avatar

    Happy Birthday Restaurant Gal! Enjoy your day, enjoy Restaurant Gal Daughter, and just enjoy!!!

  3. Natalie Avatar

    Enjoy your time with your daughter and have a great birthday.

    As for work, just keep giving it your best. I was just reading yesterday’s post and comments and I was wondering if applying some of your Restaurant Gal charm to the poisonous coworker would help. You know, be a little extra friendly, ask interesting personal questions, ask for advice on minor things…..You know the situation better than I do. Sometimes jerks are just jerks no matter what, but sometimes they’re just insecure people who need some subtle ego boosting.

  4. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    NIce! My home was in CO before I came here. I love the states. Littleton/Denver was my city of residence. If you are in Denver, find a resturant named La Fogata for some good homemade and AWESOME mexican food. I hope they’re still around and cooking awesome food.

    Enjoy my home state! I’ll be going home for a week in December. Can’t wait to see my Rocky Mountains!

    Keep on smilin’..:)

  5. The Merry Rose Avatar

    RG – Happy Birthday! Hope it all goes well for your trip to visit RGD!

  6. Jenni Avatar

    Happy Happy day!
    May you be surrounded by those who make you smile right down to your soul. May you feel loved, and cherished, and relaxed 😉
    have a wonderful visit.

  7. Duckie Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  8. LB Avatar

    Oh no! I am shamefully late, but very sincere in wishing you the happiest of birthdays. RGD is lucky – I would give lots to be able to spend my mama’s birthday with her!