Unexpected Expectations

The couple at table 319 expected to have a romantic, perfect dinner.

Instead, she pouted, not because she didn’t like her dinner, but because her husband didn’t expect the type of menu we served. I alerted my GM that they needed another touch, and he promptly served two flutes of champagne to them. She still pouted. He still didn’t get the menu.

They were walk-ins. Never be a walk-in on your anniversary.

One of our hosts expected to come to work late again today, her legitimate excuse at the ready. But we told her we couldn’t keep her on staff.

I never expected to have to let someone go who had a good attitude and decent work ethic. After all, these were rare traits in the many personalities who traversed the revolving door at my previous job. They weren’t bad people; they were just bad workers. But here was a good worker who didn’t meet our expectations. So I called the AGM and my favorite manager at my old job and told them they HAD to interview and hire this girl. Because she was perfect, based on what I knew their expectations were.

One of the sous chefs never expected to connect with his older brother again. Bad blood coupled with 16-year-old wounds. Yet, the older brother surprised him today with a visit from a far away place and to let him know his fervent wish that he be his best man at his upcoming wedding.

This was a total and complete surprise to the sous chef. He smiled broadly as he told the story. I selfishly wanted to grab onto a sliver of that unabashed happiness and hold it tight in my heart, both for him and what might be for me and those I love.

I wish the couple at 319 many more anniversaries, happy or not.

I wish our host the best of luck, because she is good of heart and decent of spirit.

I wish the sous chef a beautiful new beginning with his brother, and likely the entire rest of his family.

I wish my favorite manager at my old place the best of all he is yet to be, with his girlfriend, with his career. I wish never to lose touch with him, although I expect that may well happen, despite all the “I’ll call you soon!” hugs we shared tonight.

And that’s something I never expected.






2 responses to “Unexpected Expectations”

  1. Tinker Avatar

    You sound like an inordinately happy person, and I like that. Good bosses are hard to find. The only time I was looking forward to a great boss, she was to be promoted from the “run of the mill” programmers. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with MS, and, opting for less stress, she did not accept the promotion.
    She was a pleasure to work with, and a joy to be around. You sound like the same sort of person.

  2. briliantdonkey Avatar

    Hey RG,

    Just found my way to you for the first time via(insane waiter or lobster boy I think). I haven’t read too much yet, but what I have read I have enjoyed and looking forward to seeing some more. Have a good day.