Blotter, Man

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are too young to be reading this. If you do know what it is, you were a pain-in-the-ass teenager, weren’t you?

Not that I would know.

One of the perks us cool managers get are these tiny parking stickers so we don’t have to pay for parking. In its way, free parking is great, although, I wish I could resume some semblance of my former hours so I could walk home in the evenings. I really miss my walks.

But, back to the stickers.

These are hidden away, given out under cover, like sticker gold, as it were. (Hey, parking is not cheap in my city.)

Gathering these stickers is the last thing the other assistant manager and I do before we leave. The night before last, we huddled together in the darkened corner where the stickers are hidden, fumbling with the multiple sheets of the things, carefully trying to separate one for each of us from the industrial-strength adhesive.

We are tired. We joke about how people will talk if they see us in the dark corner together. Finally, he hands me my allotted sticker for the night.

“Hey, here’s your, um, wait…what did they call it back then? You know?”

I laughed aloud.

“Oh, you mean blotter acid?”

“Yes! That!”

What retired, hidden nether land of my poor tired brain did THAT come from–and so quickly? Scary.

“Yeah, my parents met at Woodstock,” he said, as if that explained everything.

Which it does.

I can readily admit that I was too young to go to Woodstock, and even Mr. Restaurant Gal let that one pass him by. This also means I am younger than the other assistant manager’s parents.

There is a God!

I may be a bit older than most everyone on the staff, but at least I am not old enough to be the staff mom.

Besides, what mom would talk blotter with her kids?






6 responses to “Blotter, Man”

  1. Lauren Avatar

    Yup, much too young to be reading this but then again, I’m only a couple of yrs older than ur kids.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Too young for being at Woodstock, but old enough to know more about it than I probably should. LOL Nice perk though…. the parking stickers.

  3. Tinker Avatar

    I was not present at Woodstock, but I was in highschool at the time. I freaked out my wife’s boy one time by referring to “seeds and stems” once in casual conversation. He was drinking a coke, and I had the pleasure of watching it come out his nose, in twin streams. What a rush!

  4. Kevin Avatar

    Too funny. Sadly, I cannot say that I was too young to go to Woodstock.

    Have been following your new-job adventures with great interest. Sounds like you’re doing incredibly well, despite that one hideous, horrible, very bad day.

    Middle-daughter started today in the management training program of the local deli chain that recruited and hired her 5 months before she even graduates from college in December. She was a ball of knotted nerves when she left at 5:30 AM.

    So we know whereof you speak. Hang in there.

  5. Nana Avatar

    Sheesh, I’m old. I read “blotter” and thought of those pieces of heavy paper one used to blot fountain pen ink.

  6. Hostess Jo Avatar
    Hostess Jo

    I’m ashamed to admit I knew instantly to what Gal was referring to, lol, and I was only 1 yr old when woodstock happend :O