It’s Different For Girls

Here’s the good news: The new place begins mock service in five days.

Why is this good news?

I will have something far more interesting to write about than my incredibly introspective, interesting, and insightful assessments of myself.

That’s right–enough about me.

I hit a low yesterday. I shared it in this blog. Then I shared it with my new manager this afternoon.

I no longer feel a need to consume a bottle of wine an hour.

I have a good manager. He gets it, mostly, that I am feeling a tad shaken in my new role. He gets it, mostly, that I am not usually a high-maintenance, drama-queen girl.

In his way, I think he gets this: It’s different for girls.

We want to know everything in the text book before the class begins.

We want to be a step ahead of our male peers–hell, any peer–because otherwise we might be viewed as less able.

We want to be sweet and nice, and also beyond better in all we take on, while we’re being sweet and nice.

Anyway, I took a chill pill and reigned myself in. I’m on board. Tears are over. All good.

Until someone asks me to do a void on Micros, pair a wine, explain a course, construct a tip-out spread sheet on Excel, describe a specialty cocktail, deal with a contrite/happy/sad/content guest.

Wait, guests. That’s right, I have them SO covered!

Yeah, it’s different for girls.

Or at least this girl.






6 responses to “It’s Different For Girls”

  1. JoAnna Avatar

    You didn’t learn everything on your first day? Your first week?

    lol, you poor thing. and I suppose RGdaughter popped out of the womb speaking and writing in cursive.

    Small steps, hon. We’re all rooting for you!

  2. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Joanna–Actually, Restaurant Gal Daughter was born with a master’s skill in calligraphy. You doubted this?? She waited a few months to speak, however. Then it was in complete sentences. She is Restaurant Gal Daughter, after all.

    And thanks for the pep talk! Full speed ahead, now.

    –The Gal

  3. the b&b chick Avatar

    it always takes a period of adjustment. i think you’re right that it’s different for girls though.

    love your site – especially the stories of terrible customers. keep it up.

  4. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    Key in ignition? Check. Foot on brake? Check. Hand on gear shift? Check. Start ‘her up. Slip her into first and slam the other foot on the gas. Full speed head!

    And damn those torpedoes!

    Rock on Restaurant Girl!

  5. Jamie Avatar

    Ah, now I know that I’m normal. I took a Russian class in college to challenge myself. I opened the textbook, saw no English, and my first thought was, “I’m so going to fail the final!”. I almost dropped the class before I started, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Good luck with the new job- baby steps!

  6. question girl Avatar

    i drive everyone crazy at work because i am the SAME WAY – they dont get that i NEED to know, i NEED to be organized, i NEED to do it correctly the first time

    and the few times i DO say things like “if its not done, oh well” or “it’ll get done when it’s done” they all think i am ill because it is SO NOT ME

    keep up the good work, keep venting to RGHusband, and remeber that in the end – it WILL all work out, bumps in the road and all