Go West!

Ten days ago I told my managers I was looking for my next opportunity.

Monday, not even a week later, I was riding the bus to another part of town to say goodbye to one of my favorite bartenders who also works part-time at my restaurant. I wouldn’t see him again before I left. Before I got to the hotel where he works, I got the call to interview for the new job–for maitre ‘d, I figured. Life was good.

Tuesday, I met with Chef at the new place. This was no maitre d’ job.

Wednesday, I accepted the new job. Goodbye Kansas and that other side of the rainbow.

Thursday, I realized how difficult the transition is when you only have 10 minutes to go from being one of a hundred employees to being one of three interviewing potential employees.

Two jobs, working them back-to-back. Learned all I can in one; need to learn much in the other. Just need more than a few minutes to adjust as I traverse the two.

Tomorrow, I head west with Restaurant Gal Daughter. But not before I cram in a Micros training session at the new job, pack, walk to soothe my cluttered soul, and make sure our ancient cat is dealt with.

The timing is terrible. I should be 24/7 on the new job. I should be there all the time, now.

Going west is not terrible, however. On the contrary, taking Restaurant Gal Daughter to college is an earned honor of parenthood.

What’s terrible is straddling so many worlds. I want to be a good almost-former employee and not burn even a plank in the bridge. I want to be a good new employee and be in on it all from the start. I want to be a good parent and just be there for my kid.

And not in that order.

In fact, if nothing mattered at all, I’d ditch the old job yesterday, deal with the new job as I could–all after hugging Restaurant Gal Daughter a thousand times as we say goodbye.

So, I’ll be back in full swing next Wednesday, August 30.

Meanwhile, to all who read and smile and sometimes comment and sometimes don’t, dine out well and often while I’m gone, tip generously, and make sure you find yourself in the pleasure of the company of significant others–because time flies and doesn’t look back.






6 responses to “Go West!”

  1. Instincts Avatar

    Best of luck, with the trip and with your new endeavours.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Good Luck to you and your daughter, I wish you both the best.

  3. The Complimenting Commenter Avatar

    Good luck! I’m sure that you will handle all the worlds very well. Hopefully the new job is exactly what you are looking for and turns into a great opportunity.

  4. LB Avatar

    You’ve both earned every adventure to come on the new roads that you are travelling. Congratulations! I can’t wait for the next chapter in the story…

  5. Jenni Avatar

    best of luck for all the future holds for you and your daughter!

  6. Tammy Avatar

    The last line you wrote – “make sure you find yourself in the pleasure of the company of significant others–because time flies and doesn’t look back.” reallyspoke to me. My boyfriend and I are going through some difficult stuff at the moment – he’s been away for nearly two months and even when he gets back we’ll have very little time to spend together for at least another month. I love your blog, I love the way you can be hilarious one minute and deeply profound the next, and just wanted to thank you so much for writing it and having such an affect. And as a recent fledgling who left the nest a year ago, let me reassure you that to RestaurantGal daughter, wherever she may go, the place you are will always be home. Wish you both the best of luck with the new adventures, can’t wait to read all about the new job.

    Thanks again.