Job Interview Gone Wild

I don’t know which question slammed me more:

“Why are you applying for the host job and not the assistant manager position?”


“Am I talking to Restaurant Gal?”

Yeah, no contest.

Am I really ready to be a manager?

Ha Ha. Only kidding.

What I mean is, am I ready to work for someone who knows I am The Gal?

Ha Ha. Kidding again.

What I really mean is, am I ready to be an assistant manager to a GM who knows I am The Gal?

All kidding aside.

Am I ready to make this move?

Not that it has been formally offered to me. But I am hopeful it will be.

In the words of one of the best “old-school” waiters in my city when he found out I was going to be a maitre d’ last year: “How the hell you gonna do that?”


Updates to follow.






8 responses to “Job Interview Gone Wild”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Best of luck!! You’ll get it… and do great! 😀

  2. saltymissjill Avatar

    Yeah! You GO, Gal! Make us proud! 🙂

  3. Hostess Jo Avatar
    Hostess Jo

    hope it works out just the way you want it too! GOOD LUCK!

  4. Sola Avatar

    Good luck! [waves tiny flag.]

  5. Joe Avatar

    So??? Updates??? I am excited for you, can you tell us more bout the job?

  6. LB Avatar

    Holy cow! I’m also unsure of which question is more shocking, but as for “how the hell” you’re going to do it: the same way you do everything else – with grace and style.

    I’m pulling for you!

  7. Natalie Avatar

    If it’s a job you want, then I hope they’re smart enough to offer it to you. Like LB said, you’d do it with grace and style. Because you’re awesome.

  8. BunGirl Avatar

    I wish you whatever your heart desires! Good luck!!!!!