Girls’ Lunch Out

Quick–what do 2:30 p.m., Friday, and August add up to?

That’s right, an afternoon off.

And with that exact combination in place last Friday, a party of nine ladies ladies was clearly enjoying every minute of TGIF.

“Say, Restaurant Gal, you’re here every day, right?” asked the most jovial of the bunch.

“Well, every weekday.”

“Right, right. Every day. So we’ve got a favor to ask.” The others giggle knowingly at each other.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Next time we come in for lunch, can you make sure the same table of fine gentlemen is seated next to us again? I mean, we didn’t even NEED dessert!”

I was so relieved by this comment, I surprised myself. I had actually steeled myself for the more common “next-time” complaint, like: “Next time, give us a different server.” “Next time, don’t make us wait so long.” “Next time, cook the food right.”

Instead, here was this boisterous, almost out-of-control gaggle of female office workers, ready to party down.

To say we instantly bonded is an understatement.

“What? Seat you next to them? Are you joking? I’m keeping them for me!”

“Restaurant Gal! No way! Aren’t you wearing a wedding band?”

I pause before I say, “And your point?” Wink.

The hootin’ and hollerin’ is contagious among us.

“Ladies,” I almost whisper as we regain our composure. “You want to hear a story?”

“Oh! Yes! Tell us,” are the multiple responses.

“Well,” I begin, as the group becomes silent and closes in around my podium, all eyes and ears on me.

“One time, we had a very special group in for a private luncheon. Are you familiar with the international force of, um, not spies really, but a kind-of police force?”

“OOOOOOOOH,” is the collective response.

“Yes! Right here. In my restaurant. All 75 of them had to walk right past this podium, and most every one said something very polite to me.”


“And can I just say, they were damn good looking–fit and trim–every one of them!”

At which point the ladies applaud and whistle.

Which causes a small stir among the other nearby customers.

Which doesn’t bother me at all.

Which makes me adore these ladies.

They cannot come back for lunch soon enough.






3 responses to “Girls’ Lunch Out”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Hehe… the light side of your job! What about your “Brown”? At the last place I worked, I almost collapsed the first time I saw our “Brown”. I turned to my supervisor and said, “I KNOW what Brown can do for me!!” 😀

  2. Natalie Avatar

    Boy, you get a group of fun loving ladies together and it sure makes for some laughs. =)

  3. LB Avatar

    Enjoy all the “scenery” that you can! As my mother always says, “Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t look at the menu!”