I have lead a double life these past few weeks.

Yes, I have worked the podium from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Before and after, however, I have been operating under another identity: Private Event Planning Gal.

And I love it.

Love it.

You see, the full-time private event manager took an impromptu vacation. I had always wanted to be involved with private event planning, so it was natural that The Gal step in to help.

Turns out, I have found my calling.

I can sell any party, any time, to any one.

Not just because I am born to sell. But because I believe we have a beautiful room, awesome wait staff who work the parties, and the potential to do much more. Selling that package is hardly work.

During these past weeks, I have made it my goal to book as many parties as I could, and to make sure all went well for the events happening on my watch while the manager was away.

Today, I even took myself off the podium because the event’s hosts were nervous and needed “The Suit” to make the visible rounds to ensure all was well. They were so nice, so worried, and so in need of reassurance, I felt I had no choice but to be available to them.

All went REALLY well. Not a hitch. I was amazed and relieved by this.

And I learned much, both today and throughout this past week. Although I still don’t know how to carry a heavy tray laden with multiple plates of fruit and not feel my wrist give out, I am pretty good at coordinating between the chef plating the food and the waiters serving it. I may not know how to use Micros all that well, but I know how to make the event honoree feel truly honored and his staff know they gave him a great send-off. I may not know all the ins and outs of the ins and outs, but I know I can know pick them up pretty quick as I need to.

Ah, but there’s a “but” to this story.

But, the private event manager returns tomorrow.

What will become of the holiday parties I booked–will they be festive enough, as I promised they would be? What will happen to the rehearsal dinner’s open bar this weekend–will it stay open so the late-arriving frat brothers feel part of the party? How about the retirement luncheon with the notes on multiple allergy restrictions–will those guests who thought to send me their complete medical histories be okay with poached chicken breasts, no sauce whatsoever?

And what will become of The Gal–The Gal who got a taste of this other side and now wonders if she has found the niche to which she is completely and naturally suited in the whirlwind hospitality biz.


But tomorrow I will head back to my podium. I’ll wave to my regulars, smile at almost everyone, and curse an errant pager or two.

I’m good at that too.

I just wonder if I am better at the other.






8 responses to “Confession”

  1. jali Avatar

    I hope your customers ask for you at the different events – loudly enough for management to see that a second position (maybe part time) needs to be added. I’m glad you found another aspect of the business that you love.

  2. lisa Avatar

    Gal, if I were you I’d ask to participate to some degree in all the events you booked. If you’re enjoying it and good at it, this may be your new calling. As a former event manager… it’s hard to find people with just the right touch for this sort of work.

  3. Natalie Avatar

    I’m with lisa. Maybe there’s room for you to be involved in the events too.

  4. BunGirl Avatar

    Go for it….. Ask to be involved in the parties you set up. The people that booked them will feel better knowing your there.

  5. Sola Avatar

    Don’t let it slip away! Even planning was one of hte few things i really enjoyed at $OLDPLACE; even when things were crazy, even the parties who made outrageous demands (like the host who wanted every lightbulb in the placed replaced with blue ones at T-minutes 20 minutes – i kid you not) it was still fantastic.

    Maybe if you are indispensible, they will make a position for you. From experience, event managers ALWAYS need help and will gladly take it, even if they are OCD 100% control freaks.

  6. jese Avatar

    you have to be bold to advance in this biz. tell management you want in on events planning — that that’s the direction you want to go with the company. bosses like self-starters and it sounds like you’re made for the job and will be doing them a great service by being their events planner. or consider opening your own business. don’t settle for less that what you want gal!

  7. saltymissjill Avatar

    I’m sure you’d kill it as event planner. And by ‘kill it’, I mean ‘be FABULOUS’ !!!
    Why not bug management for the position?
    Best of luck to you, Gal! 🙂

  8. stephanie Avatar

    With the kind of nonsense that you put up with every day, I’m sure that you would be a great event planner. If your restaurant doesn’t have a position open for you, I know that a lot of the hotels in the city have openings in their event management departments