Another Record!

Okay, I know this may be of little interest to many beyond Restaurant Gal Daughter (where are you when I need you at work???), but we broke ALL the records for lunch rushes today–800-plus.

I don’t even want to do the math about how many people I talked to per minute between 11 and 2:30.

But, here’s all the good news:

* I did not lose even one incomplete party.

* The kitchen was AWESOME.

* We nailed the wait times.

* We met all the reservations times.

* I didn’t look overtly annoyed when customers started seating themselves in one section without consulting me at the podium (they thought they’d sneak by, I guess–crazy).

* I managed to chat with a few regulars (well, about how busy it was, but still…).

* I am still standing.

* I am drinking a glass or two of wine with Mr. Restaurant Gal to toast the busiest week yet.







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    I call those my “golden god” moments. Cheers!