Never Judge a Job by the First Day Back After Vacation

I am exhausted.

The dogs also known as my feet are barking incessantly. My head is pounding.

And it was slow–even for a Monday.

There is a place in hell for the first day back to work after a vacation. This is the day you wonder why you ever took the job. This is the day you wonder if you’ll make it through the first hour and realize you still have six more to go. This is the day all of your coworkers’ annoying habits, jokes, and stories take on ear-splitting qualities.

This is the day you need off more so than the vacation days.

While on holiday, I chatted briefly with some cute boys enjoying Vegas for a bachelor party event. The groom-to-be said, “I’ll be ‘working from home’ on Monday.” Wink. Wink.

And therein lies one advantage to an office job. You can take that extra day.

In the end, the hours passed. The annoying coworkers no longer annoyed and actually made me laugh. As if on cue, a group of regulars complimented me on doing my job well and always making them feel like friends or family.

Okay, okay. Okay!

I will come back tomorrow.

I will smile. I will even mean it when I smile.

The dreaded first day back is over and out.

Yet, I can’t help but daydream, only 364 days to go….






2 responses to “Never Judge a Job by the First Day Back After Vacation”

  1. moosh Avatar

    Hang on in there gal! Tomorrow will be better (i hope)!

  2. Chef JoAnna Avatar

    Yeah, well, you know… Vacations have to end eventually. After all, why would they call it WORK if they didn’t have to pay you to show up there?

    Welcome back. Give us some good restaurant dirt. Talk me out of ever having one!