Back to Earth

Is there such a thing as too much Vegas?

In a word, yes.

In a couple of words, yes; but it’s so crazy, you gotta love it.

Highlights of the week:

My best-sister friend feeling flush enough to book a hotel room we never used at Caesar’s, just so we could access the incredible pool complex for three days. The pool at our hotel was crowded with too many kids wearing diapers and water wings, and adults not caring what they did. So, she said to hell with it, and we hung out at a very adult pool where iced towels, frozen grapes, and misting umbrellas offered an island of civility. (Note to families with young children: Vegas is no longer a family vacation destination–as of five years ago!)

My best-sister friend deciding she would fulfill her dream of seeing Elton John in concert and dragging me with her. Turned out to be an incredible show.

Discovering Rapid Roulette and winning and losing, and winning and losing some more, while playing it. (Yep, 8 black hit, as did 21 red, as did all kinds of combos I sometimes bet on.)

Learning to hate the so-called “penny” slot machines that take your money faster than the old-fashioned quarter slots.

Finding out that Restaurant Gal Son’s college tuition has not gone to waste–he’s learned to play a mean game of poker, which resulted in his coming in fourth out of 40 in a hotel tournament AND walking away with $400. Happy 21st birthday!

Remembering how 109 degrees is hot, no matter how dry a heat it is.

Talking to all kinds of bartenders, servers, and hosts, giving away my card to those who were exceptionally nice, and hearing how customers are customers everywhere–they just wear funkier clothing and take their drinks outside with them in Vegas.

In a final word, it’s good to be home.






5 responses to “Back to Earth”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Welcome back, RG. “Once more into the fray”, but I’m not sure if that refers to your vacation destination or your return. Glad you had a good renewal.

  2. Little Miss Anthropic Avatar

    Hey girl! Thanks for the kind words and for coming to check me out. I’m enjoying your blog a lot! Have done many years of bartending/waitressing myself….(and will probably start up, again..this week…) so I definitely look forward to reading more of your writing…sounds like Vegas was fab! Great!! 🙂

  3. Brea Avatar

    Hey Mrs Gal, glad to have you back. Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas, and looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

  4. red Avatar

    Glad you are back. I missed reading your stuff.
    I cannot imagine taking my kid to Vegas. I mean, it’s an ADULT playground, right? What happens when you are walking the strip and they pick up one of the many discarded strip club cards?

  5. Mike Avatar

    My family has actually taken several family trips to Vegas. It can certainly be done if you know what you’re doing. They always rent a car, so when my cousin and I were younger, we wouldn’t walk down the strip. We went to places like the Big Top at Circus Circus, the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus, the waterpark next to the Sahara, the amusement park at the MGM Grand, and all of the random arcades and rides at other hotels – not to mention the cool national parks nearby. It’s really possible to have an enjoyable family vacation in Vegas, but it’s equally possible to have an enjoyable meal with your kids at a sit-down restaurant – most people don’t do it because they don’t know the rules (you need to take your kid outside when they start to scream, just like you need to keep your kid away from the casinos).