Calling Out Is Hard To Do

When the low-fare airfare gods present a last-minute opportunity, I am the first to take advantage of it. Thus, I headed west on Saturday, fully prepared to return on Sunday, to visit RestaurantGal Son in the best college town in Ohio. He’s there for the summer doing a cool research project with a professor, and I missed him–so, I went.

We had a blast, as always. First stop, the Newport Aquarium just over the bridge from Cincinnati in Newport, Ky. Second stop, a smokey riverboat casino in Indiana, just down the road from a ski “resort.” Need I mention that Indiana casinos ain’t Vegas, baby, and the skiing is, well, down a bump of a hill for only a few months in the winter.

We loved the aquarium, lost a minimal amount at the casino, and had a great dinner back in his college town. I also toured the boy’s botany project in the university’s green house complex, watched World Cup soccer in HD, and helped clean his kitchen so the ants would give it a rest in there.

We were so caught up in the soccer, however, that we left very late for the airport on Sunday afternoon. “So, if I miss the flight, I’ll get another,” I told him, wishing I could spend another day there.

No worries. We arrived at the airport within 40 minutes of boarding time, only to find out the plane was delayed due to weather on the east coast.

Great! Time for dinner. Which we ate at what has to be the worst restaurant EVER, located in the only hotel located on airport property. No, it wasn’t the service; it was the ambiance of a customer lying down in a booth to read while he waited for his food and the horrible food that garnered this place a below-zero rating.

Just so you know, I can eat like a truck driver, and so can Restaurant Gal Son, and we could barely eat the chips in the nacho dish. Three-week-old olives topped thrice-cooked ground beef served over stale bagged chips–all at room temp. Yum. The poor waitress looked so literally strung out, we tipped her 35%.

After this so-called dinner, I trudged back through the airport, and ended up waiting another three hours for a flight that was “updating” every 20 minutes. Note to all travelers: When in a weather delay that has nothing to do with weather on your end of things, and the timing is in 20-minute increments, give it up and re-book for the next day. I didn’t get that until the updates were still happening four hours later.

Duh, I don’t think that plane is going to take off tonight.

Which also meant I had to call out for the first time, because the first flight I could get the next day didn’t get me to my city until after my shift would be long over.

It pained me, because I had this silly goal to not call out once during my first year. But I had no choice.

I have no idea how my call-out was accepted. I have no idea who eventually showed up for work (the opening manager and other hosts were already running late when I was double checking that everyone knew I wouldn’t be there).

Here’s what I do know: it was sunny and perfect weather in Ohio, and I got to have another breakfast with my boy.






6 responses to “Calling Out Is Hard To Do”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I just graduated from NYU and am spending the summer back home in Ohio, and let me say that I miss the food of New York terribly! It was just funny to read that you too were in Ohio :-P. Also, for cheap fares between NYC and Columbus (if he’s anywhere near there), check out – they have last minute fares that let you leave on Saturday and come back on Monday or Tuesday for around $86 including taxes!

  2. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Mike–I really miss Independence Air. Best last-minute airfare to every mid-sized city–in Ohio and beyond. May it rest in peace!

  3. Leesha Avatar

    I wouldn’t feel bad about calling out Restaurant Gal – having another breakfast with your boy more than makes up for it!

  4. Pepperswaiter Avatar

    Youll find that the restaurant will deal without you. Maybe it will be a slightly busier shift without you, but its entirely possible. they build in a comfort zone for these kinds of occasions. At least you called. Where I come from, no call and no show means no job. A call can save you. *shrugs* The world still turns.

  5. Natalie Avatar

    Oh darn…you just HAD to spend more time with your boy. =) I love it.

  6. Phil Avatar

    You bring up a question I have and would be interested in your answer? What is your standard tip when you go out? Do you consider it above what is customary?

    I think I’m a good tipper, and never leave less than 20%. The waiter would have to be purposefully rude to garner less. What do other waiters tip? More, typically?