Thankfully, There’s Work to Do

This past week has been rough on our family. My father-in-law died on Saturday morning.

Both kids made it home, safe and sound. And we will gather several times in the weeks to come to honor their grandfather’s memory.

I have to say, work is almost a welcome respite as we muddle through.

And there’s news: Restaurant Gal Daughter joined the fray at the podium today. Perhaps she will write a guest post now and then, from her perspective.

Meanwhile, another trainee remarked to me: “How do you keep your cool? So many people are mean to you. They don’t even talk to you or smile when you are so polite and nice to them.”

I am pretty sure I gave this trainee a blank stare.

Huh? People were rude today? I didn’t notice. Actually, all but one seemed okay.

Which just means:

* I am becoming immune to people’s reactions to me.

* I am so tired, I didn’t notice.

* I am an incredible Pollyanna who only sees the good in people.

* I am just that on top of all the moods and antics of those hundreds who swirl around me.

* All of the above.

* None of the above.


Brand new stories will continue to unfold and I will be itching to tell them.

Thanks to all for your kind wishes, both in comments and in email.

And thankfully, there’s another lunch rush tomorrow.






4 responses to “Thankfully, There’s Work to Do”

  1. red Avatar

    You have my sympathies.

  2. themerryrose Avatar

    Gal – I hope that you are all doing ‘ok’, well as ok as you can be in the circumstances – you all have my prays.
    As for the podium coolness – you are far above them! 🙂

  3. SkiBumWaiter Avatar

    I’m sorry restaurant gal 🙁 My sincere condolences

  4. patita Avatar

    Condolences on the passing of your father-in-law. I’m glad you’ve got your family together now. Think of the rudeness like water off a duck’s back–gracefully sliding off, no bad karma for you!