I Live For Friday

One might imagine that a quiet Monday is a walk in the park for this maitre ‘d. And that Friday–usually the busiest, craziest day of the week for lunch–is the day to dread.

Friday, it turns out, is what keeps me coming back on Monday. Friday means no down time until cutting time and all the time to observe, interact, and be continually astounded by who comprises the Friday free-for-all in my foyer.

Bad Friday, good Friday, easy Friday, tough Friday–it makes no difference.

I live for Friday’s frenetic energy.

Stay tuned.






4 responses to “I Live For Friday”

  1. Ami Avatar

    Hope you have a great Friday. Just wondering if you ever interact with the back of the house crew? Do you know of any place to go for us in the back to get out our rants? I may need someone to commiserate with after my weekend.

  2. Jaz Avatar

    I love fridays too, but mostly because my loud obnoxious coworker isn’t here on fridays. The rest of us who all get along and don’t feel the need to eavesdrop on all the conversations going on can let loose and relax. I just found out the loud one is having a birthday on monday… Which gives us an excuse to all eat cake or pie. hmmm…. I guess she’s good for somethin’. LoL Anyway, I enjoy the blog, keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Yay Friday! 🙂

  3. Suebob Avatar

    Do I sense that you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie? 🙂

  4. Natalie Avatar

    Enjoy your Friday buzz.