Some People Are Like That

Friends and family often ask me, after reading a post: “Are people really that awful?”

Actually, yes.

Every story I write is based on something that happened–usually that day, always that week. Church bells will ring out all over my city (after the pigs stop flying, of course) the day EVERY customer who walks past my podium is polite, thoughtful, and understanding.

But–and I have said this before–the really crazy-angry customers make up about 1 percent of the people I greet and seat every day. Another 1 percent are inane and/or stupid–with an attitude. A remaining 1 percent are simply clueless about how to act in a restaurant.

Do the math. At the end of a busy Thursday or Friday lunch rush, these percentages can translate into 20-plus people who have gotten in my face with their peevish personalities. I won’t lie. That can be–well–challenging.

And I don’t get it. The culture of my restaurant is to warmly welcome everyone to the table. In the end, though, some people just won’t allow you to welcome them. Or, is it that some people won’t allow themselves to be welcomed?

Regardless, this actually leaves me, maitre ‘d extraordinaire, plenty of opportunities to thank the nice folks, seat the sweethearts, leap tall buildings for the regulars, and make a fuss over cute kids.

Yes, people really are that awful. Thankfully, many more are just that awesome.






One response to “Some People Are Like That”

  1. rin Avatar

    ah, yes. that 3% can ruin an evening. or, in your case, can make for good blog. i try to focus on the other 97%, but sometimes that is just impossible.