One Less Crab in the Barrel

While I was away last weekend, the topic of several of my recent posts (this one and this one) was finally and permanently fired.

The good news? It was over an incident that didn’t involve me.

The better news? I don’t need to expend further energy writing about her antics.

The best news? I can stop repeating to myself, “Learn to work and play well with others.”






2 responses to “One Less Crab in the Barrel”

  1. Soulfood Avatar

    Haha. I LOVE when the troublemakers are finally gone. I find that since my boss is never around, yet she does the hiring, she has no idea who will fit in with the staff. So, she hires these people that we all HATE. And when enough of us tell her that we hate them, she gets rid of them. I wish she’d just pay more attention to who we like. Everything goes smoother when everyone does their job and everyone likes each other. Of course, in my work place, for some reason there are only girls…so, if you can’t gossip with us like we want you to, you’re out.

  2. Bob Avatar

    There has to be a good story in this, even if you didn’t witness it.