Day Off

Nothing gives one better perspective than getting away–even just for a day or two.

At the last minute, Mr. Restaurant Gal and I found a hotel room over Easter weekend in the tiny Ohio town where our son goes to college. We left Saturday, drove 9 hours there, ate and drank with the boy, then crashed early enough so that he still had a full Saturday night to enjoy without us ‘rents.

Sunday was a repeat, with a couple of trips to Super Wal Mart to round out his pantry. We drove 9 hours back home today. I am sure my restaurant survived without me.

What is not to love about a college town, where the off-campus houses rented by students display hand-painted signs such as The Panty Shanty, Absolut Angels, Stagger Inn, and, my personal favorite, Tappa Kegga Day?

This is a town that actually appreciates its college kids, courts their favor, encourages their business. Restaurants are a plenty, bars can be found everywhere, funky shops offer up beads and wall hangings. We were greeted and thanked everywhere we went, by everyone who worked in every establishment. So was my son and his roommate. That’s just how they are out there.

I loved the slower pace of everything, the town square with flowers in full bloom, the cars that stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.

I loved seeing my kid.

It was a fine day off.






8 responses to “Day Off”

  1. Chuck Avatar

    I believe I’ve visited the very same small Ohio college town to which you refer, and your description of it is perfectly in sync with my memories. Thanks for the reminder!

    I love your site. It’s very well-written and the design is compelling yet simple. You’ve made it onto my very short list of sites that I check every day (sometimes twice!) in hopes that a new gift has been given to the readers.

    Last week, I took my nephew from the Southwest to a skateboard shop that can’t be far from your restaurant. As we walked down the street, I couldn’t help but wonder which door opened onto the world of dramatic teenagers, insightful staff, and alternately rude and wonderful customers. Of course, maybe every door hid a little bit of all of the above!

  2. Sola Avatar

    Just wanted to let you know how much i’ve been enjoying your writing. I left the industry two years ago, never to look back, but it’s a strange addition and nostalgia, and your voice is clear and warm. Thanks.

  3. raven44012 Avatar

    Love your site. I think I work in your son’s small college town. Is it south and a bit east of Cleveland? It is a wonderful town. Glad you enjoyed your days off. Now get back to work so we can be entertained with your stories!

  4. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Raven–You mean there’s more than one small college town in Ohio that can claim The Panty Shanty and Tappa Kegga Day? Who knew? –The Gal

  5. Raven Avatar

    Well, I know I’ve seen the Panty Shanty…but not the Tappa Kegga Day. In my own defense I try not to wander around the town too terribly much, it makes me feel old.

  6. KMike Avatar

    Sounds like Oxford to me; my own stompin’ grounds.

  7. Dara Avatar

    I was thinking either Oxford or Athens, personally.

  8. Dennis Avatar

    Gotta be Oxford.. I grew up here.. Went to Miami and still live here.