A Nice Surprise

I was recognized by management as the first “employee of the month” of our recently opened eatery. I was suprised and touched to be so acknowledged.

But I was also a tad uncomfortable. I am new to this business, and although I do my best, I am constantly amazed by how veteran servers, managers, and others juggle their myriad tasks as well as the personalities of both co-workers and patrons.

I know I fumble from time to time, mostly because I demand a lot of myself, and thus others. Sometimes, I must seem like a pit bull who refuses to let go of my concerns about co-worker professionalism, staffing, and getting the right systems in place to run what amounts to a very busy show every day.

Yep, I am pretty sure I drive the managers crazy with that. Which makes the recognition even sweeter.

But there are at least ten other folks I directly work with who do it right every day and who also deserve the star in their employee files.

Thankfully, we have 11 more months in this first “Employee of the Month” cycle.






4 responses to “A Nice Surprise”

  1. jjk Avatar

    Congratulations! I know those of you who work in the food service industry and interface directly with customers usually get very little recognition for your good work and a lot of negative attention for your mistakes.

    Mistakes are part of life, in any profession. But, it’s just as important to enjoy your successes as it is to learn from your mistakes. Again, congratulations.

  2. I know who you are Avatar
    I know who you are

    [The restaurant] is lucky to have you.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    I edited the name of the restaurant out of this comment because I just don’t want to name names — of restaurants, of my co-workers, or of anything.

    Because it’s not about the names; it’s about everything else.

    But I appreciate the vote of support! Thank you.