Separate Checks

Separate checks–the bane of the waiter/waitress. But just how separate can one be?

Couple of examples last week:

One bowl of the soup of the day– “Could we have three bowls and split it three ways, on three checks?”

Two hamburgers, one Coke– “Split the soda on separate checks, please.” The waiter gave that table an extra Coke because he didn’t want to bother splitting the cost of a soda.

I get frugality. I get sensible spending. I’m not sure I get this kind of nickle-and-diming when going out to a restaurant.

Are you really that concerned about the cost of a meal out? Stay home, I say. Open a can of Campbell’s soup, ask your buddies for 30 cents each, and tell them they have to bring their own sodas or they drink tap water. You’ll be the host with the most!






2 responses to “Separate Checks”

  1. BobApril Avatar

    I’m not in restaurant management – thank goodness. But does your boss NEED this kind of customer? I can see MAYBE agreeing to split a bowl of soup. But assuming you have refills on soda, I’d’ve told that second example that sodas are an individual purchase, and can’t be shared. If they get annoyed and leave, well, probably better for business in the long run – they aren’t worth the time and annoyance to the staff! Almost as bad as asking for water, lemon slices, and sugar instead of just ponying up to buy a lemonade – or if you’re too cheap for that, drinking plain water like an HONEST cheapskate.

  2. wkct Avatar

    i totally agree – if you’re going to go out, spend money and tip appropriately – i hate when people try to cut corners going out and wind up splitting checks, ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, getting water instead of a soda or a drink, and then trying to cut costs on the waiter’s back