Hey, Aren’t You….

The restaurant is located near one of our city’s major sports and concert venues. Our restaurant is busy all the time, regardless of an event, but it is even crazier when there’s a game or Bon Jovi’s in town. So it’s important for me to recognize the various VIPs.

The first time the coach and his assistant walked in, the restaurant had been open for only a few weeks. We were packed, and I was handing out pagers like after-dinner mints. I told the coach, who I didn’t know was the coach, what I was telling everyone–half-hour wait.

Now, to the coach’s credit (and his assistant’s, for that matter), they didn’t pull the “Do you know who I am?” routine. Not at all. But I kind of wish they had. Because I had no clue who they were.

They looked perplexed, asked about getting a table again, and shrugged and walked out when I gave them the same response about a wait. “Well, we can’t wait that long. Maybe next time.”

Later that evening, I was watching highlights of the game on TV, saw the coach, and gasped. That was the guy in my foyer! The least I could have done was put the man at the top of the wait list. Because I am guessing he comes in all the time when the team is playing at home and that my manager would like him to be a VIP regular–duh.

But yesterday was all good. In he walked at noon. I just waved him upstairs to the other podium with assurances he’d have a nice table. I even remembered to wish him good luck for the game that night. He laughed and said “Thanks.” I guess he realized I finally realized who the heck he was.

I love local celebs who don’t make a big deal about who they are.






2 responses to “Hey, Aren’t You….”

  1. mariela Avatar

    The weatherman from the local news used to come when I was a cashier at Tim Hortons (Dunkin Donuts of Canada) that’s as good as it gets here.

  2. James Avatar

    How are you doing and how are the children? Clyde’s is still my calling card, I’ve moved up the block to the Hamilton. Around the corner from the Ebbitt