Best Friends

It was just the two of them, cute 20-something-year-old guys. One pushed; the other sat still. One could speak, and did as he smiled hello; the other couldn’t move or talk or focus. But you could tell they were friends. Probably best friends at one point in their lives. One had clearly suffered a catastophic injury, who knew how long ago. The other had simply remained his friend.

And they came through the front door on this mild February Friday–two friends for lunch.

I hope they enjoyed it. I hope they remain friends forever.






3 responses to “Best Friends”

  1. IB Avatar

    O wow, this post made me tear up and I have no idea why!

    Fab blog, having fun reading through it.

  2. su Avatar

    just reading the archives and i teared up too.

    unfortunately, i know why- my own accident and the friends who visited everyday and those who didn’t even txt after major surgery. i hope they’ll be friends forever too.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Su– Hope you are well, now. Best, The Gal.