Kids Today!

The host staff I work with ranges in age from 19 to 26, with the exception of the other daytime maitre ‘d, who is my age. One of the 21-year-olds we work with has nicknamed him Grandpa. When I told her that must make me “Grandma,” she replied, “Oh no! Remember, you’re only 34!” Uh, right.

Of the 19 members of the host staff who remain since we opened two months ago, 8 are either perennially late and have a perpetual f–k-you attitude, one is either late or high or both, and one is just arrogant as hell. Is this the expected ratio of good workers to weak ones?

Male or female, black or white, in college or not–it makes no difference. A horrendous work ethic cuts across all of these. So, is it age? Maybe. Yet, we have 11 others who are awesome workers. But one thing is very clear: A horrendous work ethic is a fast-acting poison on the rest of the staff.

To wit: They are asked to seat somone, and they tell you “I’m tired” and won’t. They are asked to strip menu panels and insert new ones, and they tell you, “I’m not touching them.” They are asked to cover for a co-worker so he/she can take a ten-minute break, and they say, “No. I’m not covering for her.” Favorite excuses for being a half-hour to two hours late (and still be allowed to work!): “I thought I came on at 11, not 9!” “I had to work late at my other job.” “I had issues.” They chat on the phone, show off their tongue rings, flirt with bus boys and servers, and chomp on pilfered fries and desserts.

And they get away with it, shift after shift, coming back the next day with the same excuses and the same sorry attitudes.

It’s easy to blame management. But why are some of these kids incredibly motivated and real team players, while others are a gross sterotype of the lazy slob? Upbringing, class?

You know what? Who cares?

Because I like my job. I like the other “youngins” even if I don’t like the ones who make my job harder.






5 responses to “Kids Today!”

  1. d0gc0w Avatar

    Amen sister. Today’s work ethic is overall bad to put it simply. I recently worked in a call center for 3 yrs making it to operations manager. So I got to see all these level one agents doing the exact same things you speak of. And it is admirable and I know hard to keep on keeping on for the good ones that are there.

  2. SkiBumWaiter Avatar

    Ya know, being 21.. I couldn’t honestly tell you why people my age have a bad work ethic. If I were to guess why? I’d say that people just do things to see what they can get away with.. and in today’s society it is very easy to get away with just about.. anything realy. I mean look.. around us… are celebraties are rarely in the news for anything good just bad things.. Then they get out of it. Nice to stumble upon your blog, tis a great read 😀

  3. smart Avatar

    Well it’s the managment. Who would keep anyone around that does not do the job in a manner expected of them? The managers have the same issues I have seen before. Fire the bad ones, and find new hires till you get it right.

  4. Ceetar Avatar

    you’re right that it’s contagious, especially in people that aren’t trying to make a career out of working in a restaurant. They see other people get away with it, realize they get nothing out of working hard, and don’t bother.

  5. James Avatar

    It was great working with you too GB. Hopefully you’re still going strong. Twitter#JamesDaisJr.