I Saw You Earlier Today

You got on the bus early this morning and asked the driver for a paper transfer. He told you the electronic fare card would automatically calculate the transfer on the next bus.

“No it won’t. I need the paper,” you told him.

“Ma’am, really, the fare card takes care of it. Trust me.”

“I want the paper. Are you telling me you won’t give it to me?”

“Ma’am you don’t need it. Why would I lie to you about that? Why?”

“Fine,” and you stomped up the aisle to a seat, having held us up for several precious minutes during rush hour in order to have that unnecessary conversation.

I am pretty sure you came into my restaurant later that afternoon for lunch. Yes, I think it was you! The one who was positive I was cheating you out of a table, lying about the wait time, and most definitely seating others well before you.

Yes, I am almost positive that was you! The one who hated the table we set for you 5 minutes earlier than the quoted wait time. The one who complained that the napkins weren’t folded properly. The one who drove one our our best servers nearly to tears with your unceasing demands and never-to-be-satisfied requests.

Yes, I am sure it was you! The one who demanded to speak to not one, but two managers, and who still had to tell me on your way out, in a very loud voice so all nearby could hear you, how horrible it all was, despite a complimentary meal (and the general manager is on to you, by the way).

Yes, I know I saw you earlier today on the bus. Why would I lie to you about that? Why?