Actually, I Am the Daughter of No One

Our restaurant attracts all kinds of sports and entertainment figures–not every day, but on a regular basis. But, we have our own daughter of a celebrity personality, who works in the office. I love her. She is unassuming, doesn’t take anything from anyone, and works hard. She is also in college, finishing up.

Now, page back to me, the maitre ‘d. I have been told I look a tad younger than my age, but usually only by ten years at most (and I am THRILLED by this!). Remember that fact.

So, one of the building management reps always makes reservations through me. Doesn’t need to; he just does. And, he always brings his dining partners downstairs to meet me, even though he is usually seated upstairs. I often wondered about this. I mean, why waste the time to come all the way downstairs, then go all the way back up to the table? Just to impress people you know the maitre ‘d?

Well, kind of.

One afternoon, while waiting for his guests, the rep is lingering around my podium. He makes small talk, per usual, then pauses. “Sooooooooooo,” he says. Then stops. Oh no, he really needs a table for ten? I wonder. No can do.

“So?” I smile back.

“Sooooooooooooo,” he says again. “You’re [famous personality]’s daughter!”

I am aghast. What????

And there he is, smiling away at me, like I should be really pleased he knows this.

Geez. Let him down easy? Lie, and say yes?

Um, neither.

“Oh no! I am no one’s daughter,” I blurt out. “The one you’re talking about works in the office.” He stares, says, “Oh,” and heads upstairs.

I mentioned this to the famous personality’s daughter. “You poor thing! Is this how you grew up, people just wanting to talk to you and know you because of your dad?”

“Not so much,” she replied with a smile. Yeah, right. She continues, however: “But, hey, aren’t you psyched he thought you were so young?”

Kind of. In an uncomfortable sort of way.

But then, it’s also pretty hilarious.

Addendum: It happened again this week–twice. What is going on? I plan to ask the famous personality and his daughter if it’s okay to answer yes from now on. People are so disappointed when I say no! Stay tuned.