Tell the Lady!

Big-deal kids’ show at the arena today. The minute the event ended, my foyer filled with moms, grandparents, and countless little girls (it was a princess show). Most had to wait, and they were pretty tame about it. I liked putting the kids’ names on the wait list so they could hear their own names called when the table was ready.

As one grandmom and 5-year-old girl were leaving, the grandmother says, “Tell, the lady how your lunch was.”

“I loved it,” says the tyke.

“Tell the lady what you ate,” says grandma.

“A selection of cheeses and a peanut butter sandwich,” the tyke recites.

Are you kidding? A “selection of cheeses.” Grandma must have ordered for her from the big-girl menu.

“Tell the lady what you had for dessert!” Oh geez. Must we?

“I had fresh fruit,” pipes up the perennially prompted princess.

“Wonderful!” I smile.

I decided not to tell her I had a donut and handfull of Milk Duds for breakfast. I am The Lady, after all.