Happy Valentine’s Day

They came for lunch in droves, clad in pink, red, or some combination, carrying amazing assortments of balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, and giant boxes of candy. You could tell that for some, this was a make-it or break-it day in the relationship (nervous smiles from him, arrogant glances from her). For others, you just knew this was an annual tradition dating back decades. The usual assortment of business people swept through, perplexed at the dozens of couples sitting around them. “Oh right, Valentine’s Day,” more than one commented. They were usually the ones who begged for a dinner reservation on the way out. And I am wondering, you waited until 2 p.m. the day of? Sorry, sir.

My husband was in Florida this week. He called twice, and that was great. I met up with some girlfriends after work to drink mojitos and listen to live salsa music. Turns out, that place was THE spot for single girls to hang out on Valentine’s Day. Kinda fun.

I can only imagine that today, the 15th, is one of the slowest days in the restaurant world, second only to Jan. 2. So, we’ll give those pagers a rest.